Serving the medical, scientific, industrial, electronics, aviation, and military communities since 1960,
Alpine Metal Products, Inc. has built a reputation of surpassing customer’s expectations
providing full service precision sheet metal fabrication.
Alpine Metal Product’s foundation of success has been in our relationships
with our customers and our commitment to their success.
We specialize in equipment chassis, covers and panels, brackets, buss bars,
electronic enclosures, precision weldments, and assembly.
Our engineering department works closely with customers from concept to completion.
We fabricate in the following materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.
We also provide a variety of finishes such as
chemical conversion, plating, anodizing, painting, powder coating and silk-screening.

Our mission is to:
• Deliver timely quality products at competitive prices.
• Create a culture dedicated to the practice of building in quality to every step of production.
• Develop an environment which promotes continuous improvement in our processes and employees.

Alpine Metal Products, Inc., 2000 St. John St, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042   (610) 438-5666